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Congratulations to Captain Scott Hawley, BCFPD2
2021 EMS Responder of the Year for Washington State

This past weekend Captain Hawley was awarded the 2021 EMS Responder of the Year for Washington State at the annual 2021 Washington State Fire Fighters’ Annual Fire School and Conference held in Wenatchee, WA. 

Captain Hawley has been a volunteer with Benton County Fire District #2 since 1998. He has been in volunteer service to our community for over 22 years. As a Captain and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for Benton County Fire District #2, Scott responds to a large majority of the calls within this community, working all hours that are available outside of his full-time job as Lieutenant and EMT with Benton County Fire District #6.

Those who nominated Captain Hawley, portray him as a positive influence to everyone surrounding him, as well as, a committed and selfless public servant to the community.

 …. “As long as I have known Captain Hawley, he is a friendly face with a bone crushing hug. He’s willing to jump in and help the entire community, whether it’s a response for Benton County Fire District #2 or the neighboring fire district, teaching new EMT’s skills or sitting on a work group to better emergency medical services in the Benton-Franklin counties.”

Captain Scott Hawley has also been the recipient of many honors within our Fire District. He has received the Benton County Fire District #2 Officer of the Year in 2008, 2011, and 2013; and the Benton County Fire District #2 EMS Responder of the Year in 2001 and 2007.

Scott is also the proud owner of Ed and Finn, both are rescue dogs and very much a part of the Benton #2 fire family.

Congratulations to our very own Captain Scott Hawley in receiving this honor
Well earned! Well done!




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Your Wildfire Action Plan must be prepared, and familiar to all members of your household well in advance of a wildfire.




Plan and practice home fire drills at least twice a year. Make sure you know two ways out of each room. 

More fire safety information at http://www.usfa.fema.gov.


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